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Enchanted Sword

An Anarchy PVP Survival Minecraft Server

Server IP:

Server Goals


Keep the server as simple as possible.


Server is hosted in the cloud.

No Map Resets

Never reset the world maps.

Server Features

Active Admins

Active admins who are continually working to improve the server.

Paper Server

Running the latest Minecraft version for the best support and gameplay.

Custom Plugins

Custom plugins for a unique gameplay experience.

Cross Platform

Bedrock as well as Java clients can join and play on the Minecraft server.


Seek out other players for PVP battles. Player loot drops for the victor!

Active Discord

Join the Discord server for
questions or post comments.

Vote For Rewards

Vote for rewards and to encourage new players in join the server.

Questions or Comments

More in-depth information available on the Discord server or the Wiki.